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You Don’t Look Jewish – The Hebrew Mamita!

My friend Mindy just sent me this video, and I just had to share, just to share.

How many of us have been told “You don’t look JEWISH!”  I suppose I’ve always wondered what that meant, and felt strangely responseless upon hearing it, perhaps because I just couldn’t quite understand the purpose of the statement.

Rabbi and Cantor Debbi Ballard High Holy Days South Florida 2017
Cantor Debbi High Holy Days South Florida 2017

Here, Vanessa puts all of my feelings into words.  Yes, I AM JEWISH.  I am proud to look JEWISH, and if I don’t look JEWISH to everyone, I hope I am acting JEWISH every minute of the day.  Thanks, Vanessa.  You rock!

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  1. Wow! Powerful stuff! That really hit home for me, since I’m a product of an interfaith marriage and have heard that comment more times than I care to count just because I don’t look “traditionally” Jewish. It always made me uncomfortable, uneasy, and unsatisfied with my response, which was usually silence or a quick laugh, trying not to appear to overreact to what is essentially an insult and an ethnic slur. I actually choked up watching this – well said!! Thanks, Debbi, I love how you bring everything to light!


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