My Personal Cantor

Welcome – First Blog post

I’m so happy you have landed here on my blog. In order to really set myself apart from my peers, I decided to take all my years of customer service into account, and really evaluate (and emphasize) what makes me different – and yes, better. I can’t think of a better way to do that, than to just let the words flow here right from my heart.

So, I’m hoping the real me comes out in my words, and speaks directly to you. Maybe some part of my life, and my passion, will resonate within you. Perhaps you will have the same “aha” moment I have had, and say “YES”! That is exactly how I feel!! Or – maybe not, but one way or another, I am confident that through my words, and the amazing experiences I am able to have – you will see clearly just exactly who I am, and what I stand for.

First and foremost, what I stand for is the amazing connection I feel to my Jewishness. I specifically refrain from using the word Judaism, because that word has its own branding, and what I feel about being Jewish isn’t necessarily what the masses feel when they utter the word, Judaism.

When I consider being Jewish, I consider my very close and personal connection to God, a relationship that has very few rules, just a close understanding, where I don’t even have to talk or think to pray. If I’m simply still, God will know exactly where I am, and what I need, and God knows I’m here for his, and my highest purpose.

One night, while singing on the bimah in my own congregation, my very good friend and mentor, Jerry Cohn said to me..”Do you know that when you sing, Debbi #2 comes and takes over where Debbi #1 was standing”? It happened to be a night that Julie Silver was singing with our choir, and I was completely overwhelmed with emotion.

No, I replied, I had no idea…what do you mean? He said “I can tell that you are in a different place, and you are so happy, and you glow”. He was right, and I have come to learn that that is the place we are in when we are truly in congruence with our deepest passions.

So, I have been blessed to be given the chance to follow my deepest passion, and here it is. I am officially…Your Personal Cantor. Because sometimes the rules of Judaism just don’t fit. But when finding a balance between your Jewishness and Judaism, I can help. I’m so happy to have this chance to do what I do, and I hope you are able to feel my passion as my words unfold on these pages to come. B’Shalom.

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