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Thanks and Giving

I believe firmly that gratitude goes hand in hand with manifestation. The more we want, the more we must be grateful.

The same goes for giving and charity. The more we give, the more we get. Do you ever notice how stingy people are also unhappy with their lot in life? But people who give enthusiastically, freely, and selflessly, are happier, and typically “have” more.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I want to take a moment to remember all of the things I am thankful for, and to create some giving goals for the next few months.

1. I’m so thankful for my awesome children, Lauren & Trevor. Truly the most precious gifts from G-d, they are my source of inspiration and purpose, every minute of the day.

2. My parents and my sisters. The road to today certainly hasn’t been an easy one, but it’s the best path we have ever been on. I’m so grateful for having them in my life, and the relationship we share.

3. My ex husband. Thank you Wayne, for being you. Whether you know it or not, you play a huge role in my being on this path, and there are some very important lessons you have taught me in life. I will always treasure you – no matter how angry we get at each other.

4. I’m thankful for the voice G-d gave me. I’m thankful that I am sensitive, and sometimes overly emotional. It means I have feelings. And the opposite of that is unthinkable.

5. The roof over my head, the friends in my life, my comfortable car that gets me everywhere, my guitar, the beautiful community I live in, and peace.

6. Air. Food. Mountains. Nature. Highways. Technology. Friends. Chocolate.

7. Courage. Independence. Abundance. Freedom. Satisfaction. My job(s).

8. Tolerance. Understanding. Acceptance. Peace. (Yes, I know I said it already, but it’s important enough to say again)

Thank you, G-d. For all of the blessings you have bestowed on me, thank you.


1. I intend to give $500 to a new charity this year. I want to get involved in Pace for Girls to give a young girl a chance to build a life she can be proud of.

2. I intend to give more time to my synagogue, and to champion a cause for Mitzvah Day this spring.

3. I intend to give a family some gifts they wouldn’t have been able to buy for the holiday season this year.

4. I intend to give my time to an Interfaith project locally, in the hopes that it will bring us a step closer to accepting of those who are different.

These are my goals for giving in the next 6 months. I pray that G-d bless me with the strength and resources to give more throughout the year.

To my friends, family, and extended family, I wish you the most wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season. May you receive abundance and give thanks every day of your life.

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