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Sydney’s Destination Bat Mitzvah in Playa del Carmen Mexico

Sydney’s Destination Bat Mitzvah at the Beautiful Azul Fives Beach Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I just returned from Mexico, where I had the opportunity to perform Sydney’s Destination Bat Mitzvah Ceremony at Azul Fives, an all inclusive beach resort in beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  My friend, Evan Gross, from DestinationMitzvah.com connected me with the family, and put an incredible team together to create a magical weekend of fun and sun, along with the beauty of family and friends celebrating this joyous occasion.

Destination Bat Mitzvah
Destination Mitzvah

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate this special event – read on!  I’m excited to share why I LOVE this idea for all lifecycle events!

Destination Bat Mitzvah in Mexico

Combine your family vacation with a Bat Mitzvah celebration and enjoy time with friends and family

I think it’s amazing to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah this way – having several days together with your family to relax, celebrate together, and enjoy vacation time creates memories you would never have if you simply planned a 4 hour blowout party.  When you have a 4 hour event, everything flies by in a flash!  By the time you have your makeup done, photos done, and BAM!  The ceremony and party are nothing but a whirlwind – and your memories are fuzzy and faded.  But, when you have time to relax, enjoy, and truly celebrate, then your memories are truly ones you will keep forever.

Mariachi Band Sydney's Bat Mitzvah Celebration at Azul Fives in Playa del Carmen Mexico

How you can have your Destination Bat Mitzvah ceremony  anywhere you choose!

I’m a firm believer – that spirituality doesn’t come from the walls in a room – but from the holiness of the hearts of the people joining together.  If we truly believe (and I do!) that God is EVERYWHERE – then God can certainly be present at your Destination Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the beach in Mexico!

Our incredible teammate and highly talented Destination Bat Mitzvah photographer, Aaron Lurie, from VMA Event Studios took some incredible photos of our ceremony on Saturday evening.

Cantor Debbi Ballard at Destination Bat Mitzvah in Playa del Carmen Mexico



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