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The Power Team of Jewish Catholic Wedding Officiants!

I’ve been so fortunate to have 2 opportunities to work with Father Tim, and since I just received a copy of this photo from our couple, Michelle and Brian, I’m posting it right away!  Again I am reminded why Father Tim and I are the Power Team of Jewish Catholic Wedding Officiants!

The Power Team of Jewish Catholic Wedding Officiants
Cantor Debbi Ballard and Father Tim Lozier, the power team of Jewish Catholic Wedding officiants, after Michelle and Brian’s Jewish Catholic wedding in St. Augustine, FL

I’m sure there are so many couples out there who are trying to find a workable way to incorporate their Jewish and Catholic faiths into a single ceremony, and we do it so well!  Both of our brides, Beth Ann and Michelle had always dreamed of getting married in a beautiful Catholic church,   but when they both fell in love with Jewish men, they feared that might not be able to happen.

Fortunately, they both found Father Tim!  I adore Father Tim – he’s super cool, open minded, and makes everything “kosher” with the Catholic Church, and my Jewish family members feel warm and wonderful knowing that we included the most important, cherished traditions of our faith in their wedding.

On top of having a great ceremony, Father Tim and I get along so well, and we have so much FUN together!  So have no fear, if you are looking for the power team of Jewish Catholic officiants – you have found us!

Want to create your own “dream come true wedding”?  Contact Cantor Debbi today to see how you can co-create the event of your dreams.

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  1. im looking church for our wedding. Im catholic and my fiance is jews, but is little dissopointwith the catholic church but i love my origen,I hope find us something soon..V. L


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