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Passover 2009 – Broken Sound Country Club

I’m so excited to announce that I am returning to the Broken Sound Country Club, to lead their Passover Seders for the 2009 season.

beautiful Broken Sound Country Club Passover Seder dining room
The beautiful Broken Sound Country Club Passover Seder dining room


Last year was my first year, and it was so much fun. My friend, Cantor Jerry Cohn, had been leading their Seders for years, but had gotten ill, and recommended me to lead their Seder. Last year, our first night brought over 400 people, but this year, we are already up to 600! PRESSURE!

The night is so much fun. I perform a 45 minute Seder, with a custom created Hagaddah for the guests, and we have about 50 children, so we get to sing the 4 questions and find the Afikoman. We are prepared at both Seders with LOTS of $1 bills, so we get ALL the kids in on the search!

The food is awesome, and Broken Sound graciously gives me a table, so I can invite my family. Hopefully, Ed (The F&B Manager) will make my famous recipe “Matzoh Clusters” for desert! This year, Mom is making Seder at home for first night, but the family will be joining me at the club on Thursday night. My BFF, Nancy and her brood is coming for first night, so I’m really excited that I will have company for both nights this year.

I’m so lucky to have this opportunity, and am grateful to Ed and his staff for the amazing quality and organization of their Passover Seders. I am even impressed that they manage to keep their prices SO incredibly reasonable, another testament to Ed’s passion and dedication to put on an amazing event for his members. See you next week!

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