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My Hanukkah Shabbat Rockin Eve at TBE Boca

Last night was so much fun!  Once again, I enjoyed myself thoroughly at TBE Boca!

A couple of weeks ago, I was there to see one of my favorite Jewish music artists, Julie Silver, and the night was magic.

Last night, Dan Nichols performed and co-led services with Steve Dropkin, and the TBE staff.  I adore Dan.  He has changed the way modern Jews pray, and his music is amazing.

The Shir Joy children’s choir performed and we all sang Light One Candle.  They dimmed the lights in the room, while we all held one Hanukkah candle, to represent the light of our dreams.  The most touching moment was when the Rabbi reminded us that love is like a candle flame.  When we share it, we lose nothing, and gain everything, and we should all remember to share the flame (and the love) in our souls, every chance we get.

I bumped into my friend, Ellari, and we got to sit together, sing, and harmonize, which made the worship experience even more amazing.

Afterwards, Steve and I went to dinner, caught up, and had a great time.  It was an amazing night, and one of the most moving synagogue experiences I’ve had in a long time.  I appreciate TBE, because they change it up, and keep it interesting.  The way the Rabbis engage me in relevant thought and prayer is something I have missed in a synagogue setting, and I was so happy to let them nourish my soul last night, and remind me that organized prayer can be meaningful.

Today, I’m off to Islamorada for Cheryl and Prav’s Jewish Hindu wedding weekend.  I adore this couple, and can’t wait to see them get married.

Full of Shabbat love…




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