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Me, Nervous? Officiating the Biggest Wedding Ceremony in My Career

Heck no.  Why should I be nervous? Because tomorrow I am officiating the biggest wedding ceremony in my career?  For a family known throughout the world for RATING people?  Well, yeah, ok…I’m nervous.  I didn’t say I wasn’t confident, but when you know that people who write about what people do for a living are judging you, then I’d think you might be a bit nervous, too.

Regardless, this wedding ceremony is all about the couple, and the couple is definitely something to write home about.  Good looking, brilliant, ambitious, charismatic, benevolent, compassionate, and really-truly, down to earth and very very real.    I am incredibly honored to have the opportunity, and hope that their wedding ceremony is everything they could have ever hoped for.

In the meantime, I’m certainly excited to have my name appear with theirs, in the New York Times.  It was even more special to see it come out on Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned for details…

6 thoughts on “Me, Nervous? Officiating the Biggest Wedding Ceremony in My Career”

  1. Thanks, Linda! Sooo great to hear from you!
    I really appreciate the great thoughts, and I can’t wait to talk about the possibility of working together as well!

  2. I am sure you will be absolutely amazing. I am sure you attracted this into your life.

    Can’t wait to connect with you to hear all about it and discuss more about working with you for our daughter’s bat mitzvah.


  3. You seem to continually amaze more and more. I am so honored to call you “friend” and to know that you are going to Bar Mitzvah my son….I’m so thankful we planned this before your soon to be fame!!!! I see the greatest things ahead for you….love you,, Andie

  4. Dear Debbie:
    You should not be at all nervous. You did Annie and Greg’s wedding and it was absolutely wonderful.
    You have a passion for this and it shows, so I know that you will do supremely well.
    This couple picking you to officiate their wedding just shows how smart they are to pick someone as yourself to assist in joing them as one on their special day.

    Blessings and Good Fortune to you.
    Monica Wetherington-Lugo

    • Thank You Monica!
      Actually, that wedding has already come and gone – and that came out beautifully as well!

      I really appreciate your support, and your really positive comments for me. You also did an amazing job, and if I can ever support you in any way – please let me know!


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