My Personal Cantor

Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah, Chicago, Illinois

I can’t wait to officiate Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah in Chicago.  The Silverberg family truly personifies why I chose the title “My Personal Cantor” for my business.  It started with my friend, Jacey, who worked for me, in another lifetime! When Jacey married Charlie, I couldn’t be happier, but I was just finishing my investiture, and they had a family Rabbi (Charlie’s) who came to Florida to perform the Jewish wedding ceremony, but I not only became very close with Jacey and her family, but also with her husband Charlie’s family as well.

When her daughter, Elana was born, she asked me to come to Atlanta, over Thanksgiving, to perform the Baby Naming.  I was so honored!  Sitting at that Thanksgiving table, I truly felt like I was sharing this holiday with a family of my own, and I have gotten so close to everyone, the parents, siblings, and kids, over the years.

Then, Lori, Charlie’s sister, got engaged, and she called me to ask me to perform the Jewish wedding ceremony, and I couldn’t have been happier!  Another reason to celebrate with the Silverberg family!  In very little time, Lori was pregnant, AND Jacey announced her pregnancy with her second daughter!  A few months after their births, it was time for another Baby Naming, so we all gathered in Florida and I performed the Baby Naming again, for the whole clan!

Matthew is Charlie’s nephew – the son of Sharon and Mike.  (Mike is Charlie’s brother).  They weren’t happy with their synagogue in Chicago, and wanted a more personal experience, so they called me!  I have been tutoring Matthew through Skype every week, and next weekend is his Bar Mitzvah!  Once again, we will all be celebrating the gifts of life together, although in quite colder climate!  But no matter what, I’m so happy to be a part of this family’s lives, and to truly be considered “Their Personal Cantor”.

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