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Jewish-Interfaith wedding ceremony

Spiritual Weddings

You want your wedding to bring a feeling of holiness. You want to feel there is a “higher power” connection during this special moment of your wedding, but you don’t feel connected to any particular religious belief – and that is where “spiritual weddings” come in.

We can evoke blessings from a universal “source”, using language that is generally described as universalist, or new thought – but overall, it brings a feeling of warmth and peace and love – and leaves theology at the door.

Writing these ceremonies requires in depth personal time to understand my couple, which I am happy to do – I want every word to feel like it came from you – so we will work together to determine the feel and flow of your ceremony.

Want to incorporate Buddhist principles? Incorporate wedding traditions from several religious styles? No problem! Let’s get to work on the most creative service that means everything to both of you!

Dan and Rita sign their ketubah in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at the Riu Palace

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