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LGBTQ Same Sex Weddings

After many years of lobbying on Capital Hill, and always being a proud supporter of same sex marriage, I was elated this year to know that not only did FLORIDA legalize same sex weddings, but the Supreme Court voted to legalize it in all states.  What an incredible development that was!

I have always believed that love is love, and that the perceived laws of religion had no place in government.  None of us know for sure what G-d’s intention is, but one thing I am personally sure of is that if love exists within any framework, G-d is present, as G-d IS love.

Therefore, it gives me such great pleasure to say I have performed some of the most amazing weddings for the most amazing couples this year, and have literally walked in to the courthouse together with some of them to record their solemnized marriage certificates and share the celebration, as it is equally as much my own victory as it is theirs.

I hope you will consider me to perform your wedding, regardless of your faith background. Whether it is Jewish, Interfaith, or simply a personalized, spiritual event, I will make it a pure and true celebration of LOVE.

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