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Destination Weddings

You want to escape the large event and trade it in for a full weekend of sun and fun with your closest friends and family, and I totally get that! I LOVE travel, and always have a spare suitcase packed and ready to go! From Playa del Carmen to a Mountain in Utah, your destination becomes the backdrop to an even more personalized and intimate wedding experience.


No destination is too far, and everywhere is possible! I have performed weddings in so many countries, namely – Mexico, Aruba, Virgin Islands, Portugal, on cruise ships, in Colorado and Utah, on a kayak, under the water, at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, countless mountain tops, and various adventure settings.

How does that work? Well, the same way it works when you hire me locally. As long as I have the whole weekend available, as it generally requires a 2 night stay, but once we book the date, my fee plus travel expenses apply, and I’m all yours for the weekend. It’s really easy, but you definitely want to consider hiring someone who travels easily. I don’t even own a live plant at home, so I’m always on the go!

My first destination wedding was a 5 day event in St. Croix, with a fabulous couple! I decided at that moment that I wanted to specialize in Destination Weddings, and for many years, that was exactly what I did. Now, the available weekends are slightly more limited, but with proper advance notice and flexible timing, you can have your very own Cantor/Rabbi officiating your wedding.

Note: I do not recommend your legal marriage take place outside the USA. Have a local legal ceremony, but we’ll honor the spiritual/religious occasion by having the actual ceremony in the location of your choice.

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