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Meaningful Ways To Connect To Judaism

Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you reached my page, and came to read more about the services I offer.

If you haven’t already figured out from my other pages, I’m a warm-hearted, personable, dynamic, and spirited professional who believes that no matter what your background is – every “life-cycle event” from Baby Namings to Funerals need to be a personalized, meaningful experience.  But no two families are the same, and we all have different needs – and so what is a family to do who does not belong to a synagogue, but still wants the comfort and convenience of having someone who will treat them as if they had been their clergy all their lives?

That is where I come in!  From the very first day I envisioned my career, I knew I could be different, by offering families a highly personalized service – whether they were welcoming a baby into a multi-cultural family, honoring their teenager in a creative, innovative B-Mitzvah service, or saying goodbye to a loved one.  In each one of these moments, we want what is meaningful to US.  We don’t want what everyone else has, or has done, and we all have special needs when it comes to those special moments.  Because I am “independent” – I am empowered to serve you in the just the way you need; not by complying with outdated policies or rules, but doing only what makes YOU happy – because that is all that matters in these moments.  What I love about Judaism is that it allows me to be my own kind of Jewish person – and it means so much to me.

I can help you connect to Judaism in ways that make YOU feel comfortable.  I can make your child feel like a champion when they are preparing for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  I can welcome any child into a Jewish/Interfaith/Multi-Cultural home, incorporating many different aspects of blended faith homes. And I can help you say goodbye to your closest loved ones – in any way that makes you feel comforted.

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