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Jerry and Audrey’s Jewish-Interfaith Wedding Ceremony in Pompano Beach, FL – Making It a Family Affair!

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of marrying Jerry and Audrey, in a simple, private, and meaningful Jewish-Interfaith wedding ceremony at Winters Park, in Pompano Beach, Florida.

with Jerry and Audrey on the water, Jerry and Audrey's Jewish-Interfaith Wedding Ceremony in Pompano Beach, FL - Making It a Family Affair!
Cantor, Rabbi, and Wedding Officiant Debbi Ballard with Jerry and Audrey

From the moment Jerry emailed me, several months ago, I knew this was a couple I was really going to enjoy getting to know better.  In the first email he wrote me, from the way he spoke about Audrey, I just knew this was a man who adored the woman he was about to marry, and he was such a mensch!

Jerry adores Audrey!! Jerry and Audrey's Jewish-Interfaith Wedding Ceremony in Pompano Beach, FL - Making It a Family Affair!
Jerry adores Audrey!!

It took us some time to carve out an opportunity for an in person meeting, but we finally arranged to meet one Saturday at a bagel shop in Coral Springs.

Of course, I was right about Jerry.  Total mensch.  The kind of man we all want to come home to.  He obviously did adore Audrey, and I knew why.  She was as adorable as he was, and they were clearly in love with each other.  We sat for a couple hours at the bagel place, and they told me some incredible stories about how they were destined to be together.  We even realized we knew some of the same people, and that even WE had a great connection, but..it got even better as time went on.  They told me that some of the stories that many might consider as “coincidences” were what they called “Godwinks” and I couldn’t agree more.  They actually had read a book titled Godwinks, and they felt that so many of the stories they shared were clear examples of the stories they were reading.

We met again at another breakfast spot in Sunrise, and I felt so close to them, that I actually shared one of my own secret stories with them, because I knew they would really appreciate it, and they did.  We knew we had a special connection going on between us, and I was so happy they came into my life.

When it came time to plan the Jewish-Interfaith wedding ceremony, they were pretty adamant about one thing – including their older children in their vows.  Jerry was a widow, and before Audrey came into his life, he was pretty lonely, as his boys were grown, and he missed having someone to share his life with.  Audrey was divorced, professional, self sufficient, and a strong, capable woman, raising 2 children, but she was lonely in that area as well.  When they met online (Audrey emailed him, and told him that she liked his attitude!) they just knew immediately that this was the one.

Since then, they have been inseperable, and I know why.  They truly were meant to be together.  In writing the vows, Jerry and Audrey not only made a commitment to each other, but to be great parents to each other’s children, and committing to make a new family by bringing theirs together.  But there was something else that was really special about this Interfaith wedding, too.  Even Jerry’s Father in Law, and Sister in Law, from his previous marriage were there attending the wedding, for he had worked hard over the years to maintain a relationship with them, after his wife passed away.  I really respected that.

It was important to note, in their wedding ceremony, that they had finally come together at just the right time, and it was the paths that each of them had taken that brought them to each other, so I wanted their past to be noted, and respected.  They made the Jewish-Interfaith wedding ceremony personal for their children as well, as they were the 4 chuppah holders – and that chuppah was something else!  It was really a family affair, and I was so hoping it would be perfect for them.  According to Jerry & Audrey – it was, and I couldn’t be happier.

Under the Chuppa! Jerry and Audrey's Jewish-Interfaith Wedding Ceremony in Pompano Beach, FL - Making It a Family Affair!
Under the Chuppa!

Once again, I have another couple I hope I stay very close with, as I really want to follow their Godwinks, for a very long time.  Jerry & Audrey – I consider myself so fortunate to have had you for clients, and I wish you and your family the most amazing and beautiful lives together.  WINK!

My guitar, waiting for its song. Jerry and Audrey's Jewish-Interfaith Wedding Ceremony in Pompano Beach, FL - Making It a Family Affair!
My Guitar, Waiting for Its Song …


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6 thoughts on “Jerry and Audrey’s Jewish-Interfaith Wedding Ceremony in Pompano Beach, FL – Making It a Family Affair!”

  1. Well, Steve and I had a great time and especially want to thank Helen and Al for their warmth, and kindness. We are happy that Audrey and Jerry have found each other to love and want to add that Jerry could not have found a nicer family to join! It was so great to meet you all.


  2. We just wanted to tell you again how absolutely wonderfully special you made our wedding ceremony, not only for us, but for all our loved ones. This meant so much to us and will always be a part of our lifelong memories. You far exceeded all our expectations. And to top it all off, your singing voice is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so very much.

  3. Cantor,

    I am so fortunate to have known Audrey for the past 8 years. I will never forget when she came to visit me in the hospital after I had heart surgery. She is such a quality Human Being. I am so glad that I visited your site as it allowed me to experience the event. I would have come to the wedding if it were possible. This website has filled that void. Jerry-You will be with Audrey forever……

    With lots of love to you both,

    Greg Golden

  4. To Aud my best friend,and Jerry, I love you guys. It was so great to be back home and help celebrate your union and wedding. The ceremony was beautiful as well as the gathering of friends and loved ones.
    Yes i do believe in GOD WINKS.


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