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January … Getting Back on Track

So, I’ve really taken another writing hiatus, over the last few weeks, and I’m ready to get back in the saddle, again.

October, November, and December were the busiest months I have ever had, and I felt like I just needed to take some time away from business, to focus on life, in general.  With the kids home, and all of our birthdays, and all of the holiday celebration, things got incredibly hectic, as they do for everyone.  I just felt that with everything going on, I needed to take some time to enjoy the season, reflect on the coming year, and get all of my thoughts in order.  (Not to mention getting ready for the busy January I have booked as well.

I have some interesting events coming up this month, and I’m so excited about all of them.  Today, I am performing a Jewish-Interfaith wedding for Jerry and Audrey, at Winters Park in Pompano Beach, FL.  This is their 2nd marriage.  Jerry is a widower, and Audrey was divorced.  They each have 2 kids, and are in the process of buying a house, so they have many blessings to be thankful for.  They are a wonderful couple, who truly feel blessed that they were brought together, and know that they have so much to look forward to.  It’s awesome being in their presence.  I can’t wait to make it official.

I have a baby naming for a baby girl on the 19th, and on the 24th, I am performing a wedding ceremony for my friend, Meryl, and her fiance, Starr.  Meryl, believe it or not, was my camp counselor, at Camp Shane, in 1975!!  I hadn’t seen her, or spoken to her, in 33 years, and while I had searched for her on the internet, I had never found her, until just a few months ago, when I decided to try one more time.  Lo and behold, as we are catching up, she tells me she is looking for someone to perform her Boca wedding to her beshert, Starr, and there I was!  It has been a really neat reunion, and I can’t wait to be the one that after all these years, gets to make it official for her, marrying her true love.  Isn’t my job amazing?

On January 30th, I’m performing avery special Bar Mitzvah, for Max, in New Jersey.  This relationship was brought to me by my “soul sister”, Sharon, from Yelena and Lenny’s wedding in the Dominican Republic.  (See my previous post, about Sharing the Light.  Audrey and Rob, and Max, are also really special, and G-d willing, Oma, Audrey’s Mother, will be there to share Max’s day.  She is a Holocaust survivor, and the date was planned hoping she would be able to share this moment with Max.

I’m really looking forward to an interesting January – please stay tuned, as I will be writing about all of my events, for sure.


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