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Israel is opening!

I could NOT be happier! My greatest disappointment from 2020 was having to tell my 20+ travelers we would not be able to go to Israel.

When a family plans an Israel B-Mitzvah, of course they’re excited for the B-Mitzvah. Planning a trip to Israel invokes so many emotions, hopes, and dreams, and to have those dreams shattered just stinks – as it did for my families and me.

Israel B-Mitzvah with Cantor Debbi Ballard

My Israel trips are the highlight of my year. We love to spend the entire year building up the excitement – from planning calls and Friday Shabbat dinners where my travelers learn songs and music we will share together, to Sunday brunches to discuss packing lists and GREAT finds on Amazon to prepare for the trip. we have so much fun getting to know each other so we can arrive in Israel as friends.

So – this year – we had hoped we’d be able to go – but it’s still a bit early. Israel announced it is open for tourism on May 23, and our travelers felt better putting off another year – so – 2022 is ON!

I’d LOVE to share more info with you about this life changing trip. Even if you are having your B-Mitzvah at a local synagogue or with another clergy – our trip is warm, engaging and special because no other tour has a song and worship leader along making sure your every experience is amazing. You should definitely check out our trip!

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  1. Hello – I would like to get a little more information about the B Mitzvah program. I have a 12 year old boy who will become a bar mitzvah next year.

    Many thanks, Joanne

    • Hi Joanne! I just sent you an email and would love to connect with you as well. Also, please feel free to call me at 954-850-0453 at your convenience.


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