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Double Header Interfaith Wedding Weekend in Juno Beach and Miami – What Fun!

What a busy Florida wedding weekend it was!

I love a day that starts with an Interfaith wedding, and Saturday was no exception!

Beach Wedding at the Juno Beach Park

Matthew and Valeria were married at the Juno Beach Park, in a private beach wedding ceremony with their closest friends surrounding them. The weather on Saturday was stormy, and I was really concerned, driving to Juno, but it managed to hold off, just long enough for us to have their Interfaith wedding ceremony on the beach … but, no sooner was that ceremony over, the rains re-appeared! We were so thankful for serendipitous timing!

Their Interfaith wedding was simple.

I have a special ceremony that I use for beach weddings, that is much nicer than a “civil” ceremony, but nothing close to the elaborate religious style weddings I so often perform. Their friend read the Apache Wedding Blessing, and it was simple, and fun!

Small Intimate Wedding at the Viceroy Hotel in Downtown Miami

Later that night, I married Ronni and Maude, at the top deck of the Viceroy Hotel, in downtown Miami (Brickell Key). The view was magnificent, and again, it was a small intimate Interfaith wedding – just a few friends, and a beautiful photo location!

Wow, that hotel is amazing!

Ronni, Maude, and Friends at their Interfaith wedding at the Viceroy Hotel, in downtown Miami, Brickell Key, Florida   view from the pool deck at the Viceroy Hotel, in downtown Miami, Brickell Key, Florida


I love a weekend that is full of love!


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