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I Need Help – I Want to Attract REAL People into My Life

So, now that I have your attention…..

I am drowning in a world of Social Media I do not understand. Though it fascinates me, I could spend as many hours (if not more) on trying to figure out what to do with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Ustream, YouTube, and goodness knows whatever other resources are out there – but then, when would I ever get to do my job?

I believe strongly that a person should do what they are best at, and give the rest to someone else who is best at doing what I’m worst at. Therefore, I have made the decision to go out and find a professional (or, a really good amateur) who can help me navigate this very confusing world.

See, I have a message to communicate, and a passion for what I do. I think that’s what marketing is – bringing my message out to the masses, who wouldn’t have ordinarily known I exist. I need someone to keep me on track, help me brainstorm, build my brand, and send my message.

I know what my brand is – I am warm, dynamic, passionate, original, creative, spiritual, and personable. My heart is bigger than I am, and you feel it when you meet me, speak to me, or even when you land on my website. (So I’m told). I believe that everyone has a right to faith, and I want to be someone who helps them find it. I want to be the connection to their Jewish faith, when all else has failed them.

I’m not looking for a guerilla marketing coach – I don’t want to generate “hundreds of leads”. I just want to present myself to people, and I want them to be people who will appreciate me for who I am and what I can offer them. I don’t want to turn my business into a metrics machine, but I believe everyone should be efficient – and effective – at what they do.

I want to attract REAL people into my life. People like Rita & Dan, Keith & Faith, Yelena & Lenny, Felix & Evelina, Jerry & Audrey, Josh, Amanda, Megan, Jesse, Beverly, and more…all the people you can read about on my blog – I want to serve more of them! I know I have an exceptional talent, I just need someone to help me advertise it.

I want to grow, and expand my presence. I’ve had the most amazing – I mean it – the MOST amazing year of my entire life, and I want MORE. I know I am directly connected to my source of energy when I am performing my job, and I bring so much love and energy back to the world in return. I know that by practicing the Law of Attraction, and the Law of numbers, that the more people I tell what I need, the greater chance I have of it arriving.

So – I am looking for someone to grow with me. To help me navigate this foreign world of media, and make a place for myself, and my marketing. If you know of someone who can help – I would be forever grateful! THANKS for reading my note!


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