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High Holidays 2008 – Finally! A plan!

Well, it looks like we are getting closer to a plan, and while tomorrow should finalize the plans, I am so excited, I wanted to put out the word right away.  Hopefully, I won’t jinx anything!

Rabbi Leon Olenick and I are going to offer a free High Holiday service in Lake Worth.  We both agree that today’s unaffiliated community wants something that is unrestrictive, open, welcoming, warm, and friendly.   We have decided to create a space that matches that exact description.  This is NOT your grandfather’s High Holiday service!  Be prepared!  We want to bring the unaffiliated community in Palm Beach County an opportunity to worship, daven, reflect, and pray without feeling judged, compared, or measured in any way.  (Hmmm, sounds kind of good to me – I have yet to find that anywhere down here, so I’m pretty excited!)

I recently put a survey out on the internet, asking people “Do you consider yourself to lean towards being more religious – or spiritual in your worship practices”.  Do you know that so far, I am up to 120 responses, and 98% of them say they are more spiritual than they are religious.  I take this to mean that we want more of a connection, and a pathway to communicating with G-d, rather than a dogmatic approach to fearing him.  Wouldn’t we all want more of a relationship with G-d, if we could imagine having a mutually rewarding experience?  Well, this is what I intend to create in my service.  G-d should be SO easy to reach, and sometimes, I feel our Jewish religious services make people feel less and less connected, rather than more.  If G-d were easily accessible, we would all be latching on!

Well, please consider joining me, for our High Holiday service.  I believe we are going to be holding our service at the Friends Meeting House, at 823 N. A Street, in Lake Worth.  We only have 85 spots total, and several people have already committed, so please let me know if you are interested in attending.  I promise, it will be worth the price!  🙂

Shalom, and L’shanah Tovah,

2 thoughts on “High Holidays 2008 – Finally! A plan!”

  1. Wow – Thanks! And – The only thing I would add to that is that the AFFILIATED are really the ones who refuse to let go of that same preconceived notion. There are so many people who faithfully pay their dues, go to synagogue, send their kids, but do nothing to derive pleasure from the experience.

    We have almost been programmed to believe that Judaism must not be enjoyed, but endured. We sit through 4 hours of services, talking about what each other is wearing, sleeping through the Rabbi’s sermon, and doing anything we can to make it through, and somehow, we feel like we’ve done our duty as Jews. Seriously? I’d rather never step into a synagogue and worship privately at home. I’d rather live my life like I mean it, help others along the way, and KVELL when I think of what an amazing relationship I have with G-d. THAT is what MY Judaism is about.
    Thanks for your post! Please come by more often!!

  2. Congratulations and good luck with your services. As a convert to Judaism I always wonder if the unaffiliated are that way because of not being able to let go of a preconceived notion of Judaism. I have been studying for 14 years and make a Judaism that fits into my life. However, everything I do, I do with intention. What is most important for our unaffiliated friends is to try and to do with intention. This religion and its people have fervently encountered the spiritual essence of living on this earth and have given many guide posts along the way. Grab it and join in – join Debbi and let this be the beginning of a spiritual journey into a fantastic life renewing religion. – just my 7 cents (inflation)


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