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I Am So Grateful that I Can Do What I Love the Most | Having a Love Affair With My Days and Nights

Was just sitting here, at Keith and Faith’s destination wedding in St. Maarten, wondering if I had really talked about how grateful I was and totally in the most incredible love with what I do and what life has brought me this year.  And then I remembered – Yes, I have.  But, it can never hurt to say it again.

What an amazing day.  When I get phone calls from people who tell me they MUST hire me as their wedding officiant, and they don’t even know me, haven’t spoken to me for 5 minutes, but because of what they’ve heard from other people they just had to call and hire me right away – you know your day is pretty much up there in the top 5!

How did I get this lucky?  How did I finally figure out what makes me tick?  How many people find themselves having a love affair with their days and nights, just because they are so darn happy they can’t see straight?

ME!  And I hope for everyone I know and love, that they find this incredible joy in life.  Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU!


signature Cantor, Rabbi, and Wedding Officiant Debbi Ballard

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