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The greatest gift … Ben’s Bar Mitzvah in South Florida

When it comes to families who enroll in my Jewish community program, I’m pretty blessed.  It seems that as with the Law of Attraction, what we put out into the universe, we also attract.  Throughout my 10 year cantor career journey,  I’ve encountered Jewish families who I simply adore – who approach the Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah process because they want it to mean something.  Our values align, a friendship forms, and the relationship blossoms and grows into a beautiful flower.

This weekend, I harvested the beautiful blooms of a five year friendship.  A relationship that started with one child in Hebrew School, and grew into two Bar Mitzvahs, a funeral, a wedding and a baby naming, aside from many holiday and celebration meals.  Mara, the Mom, is a magnificent person – inside and out.  She exudes grace and kindness.  She is fierce about doing the best she can for her husband and family, and everything she does is with love – and is driven by a passion for quality. And that’s the way I approach my business.  I try to go above and beyond for my Jewish families, knowing that when you put a good, quality product out there, people want to buy it- and share it.  And wow, did Mara share!

Today, I can honestly say that a large number of the Jewish families in my Jewish community program can be traced back to a connection to Mara.  Ronnie, her husband, is the quintessential businessman, whose values and ethics I not only respect, but try to model in everything I do.  And so after 5 years of growing and celebrating together, this past weekend was the second (and last) Bar Mitzvah I will perform for this side of the Selinger family.

The weekend was so beautiful.  Beginning with a Friday night Shabbat dinner in their home, Mara and Ronnie make sure I am there next to them to lead the candle blessing, Hamotzi and Kiddush.  Along with their very best friends and family, they also make sure that I blocked the entire weekend to celebrate with them – all the way through Sunday brunch.  No, I don’t get to do this very often, but when you establish a relationship like I have with this family -it really makes you want to celebrate those moments with such special people.

A very special Shabbat dinner with a very special family before Ben's Bar Mitzvah in South Florida
A very special Shabbat dinner before Ben’s Bar Mitzvah in South Florida.

I’m filled with love and sweet memories of a time I will always cherish.  I thank Mara and Ronnie for all of their love and support, and look forward, cheerfully, to the days Ben and Coby walk down an aisle – so I can be there again in celebration!  Love you, Selinger family!

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