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Destination Bar Mitzvah and Destination Bat Mitzvah – Let’s go to Israel!

Israel – The ULTIMATE Destination Bar Mitzvah (and Bat Mitzvah)

Next June will be my 7th – yes – magical 7th – Destination Bar/Bat/BNai Mitzvah in Israel, and I’m so excited to share this trip with you!

Every year, for the last 6 years, I have been fortunate to take families to Israel for their children’s Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah, and have created the most magical experience for them – and for me!  One of my favorite parts of taking families to Israel is the planning of a Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel, and I’m excited to share this with you!

Tell me about the trip!

Gladly!  Our Israel Destination Bar Mitzvah is jam packed!  Not only is it jam packed with a busy schedule of EVERYTHING you could want to see and do on your first trip to Israel, but it is jam packed with spirituality, music, friendship and FUN

We take our families on an “all inclusive” 8.5 night trip,  (air not included) with 4 nights in Jerusalem, 2 nights in the Galilee, and 2.5 nights in Tel Aviv.  (We extend hotels till 9pm so we don’t have to check out early and wander around all day.

Our 2017 Bar Mitzvah in Israel photo album

Jerusalem is first!

With 4 nights in Jerusalem, the trip starts out on a major high note!  We usually arrive just in time for a wonderful Kiddush and Shehecheyanu moment, overlooking the city of Jerusalem at sunset.

Israel Destination Bar Mitzvah with Lauren
Lauren at Jerusalem Overlook in Israel

With 4 nights in Jerusalem, we will do so many wonderful things!  Masada, The Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, Yad Vashem, Machane Yehuda, The Western Wall, The City of David and MORE!

Our B-Mitzvah families gather at The Davidson Center, at Robinson’s Arch for the special moment their children and grandchildren will become a Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah.  At my services, my students read from the Torah and lead a complete service, in this incredibly holy space, at the secular side of The Western Wall

Destination Bar Mitzvah in Israel
Cantor Debbi Ballard leading Destination Bar Mitzvah service in Israel

The Secret Sauce

Now, so far, you are thinking – “Ok, what makes this trip SO special?”

Well – I believe my secret sauce is that on any trip, you have a wonderful tour guide and 8 jam packed nights, but on this trip, it is my essence – the presence of “My Personal Cantor” with my guitar and the music and spirituality that I am able to infuse on this journey that makes it so special.

Moments of holiness, with music, camaraderie, hopes and dreams and poignant memories make this trip the life-changing experience that so many people have raved about.  I’m so proud to bring my families on this Epic Adventure

Destination Bar Mitzvah Stop #2

Off to the North – The Sea of Galilee

After the most amazing 4 days and nights of Israel’s sights and sounds, we will head up on a long bus ride to our next stop – The Sea of Galilee.  We stay at a lovely Kibbutz-Hotel called Nof Ginosar, right on the edge of the water.

Here in the north, we will do amazing things like see the Golan Heights, and go on a really fun Jeep Tour, along with the overlook of Syria, The Lebanon Border, Safed, Rosh Hanikra and more.

girl jumping for joy overlooking the Sea of Galilee on our Destination Bar Mitzvah trip
Maya jumping for joy overlooking the Sea of Galilee

One of our most loved events is rafting on the Jordan River, where the kids get a special treat of zip lining into the Jordan!  But – HOLD ON TO YOUR BOTTOMS! You land right in the water, and the WOOSH might just woosh off your bottoms if you’re not careful!

Zipline in Jordan River on Destination Bar Mitzvah in Israel
Zipline into the Jordan River on Cantor Debbi’s Israel Bar Mitzvah trip

(Yup.  It happened to me.)

Destination Bar Mitzvah Last Stop – Tel Aviv

As we begin to head in to our trip conclusion, our last stop on our Destination Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel will be Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is the more secular (non-religious) side of Israel, with nightlife and excitement, and is right on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Here in Tel Aviv, we will hit our favorite spots – the Ayalon Institute, Jaffa, and Independence Hall.

We don’t want to say goodbye

Soon it will be time to say goodbye.  But I cherish our last day, as it is a totally FREE day. I love sitting at the pool at the hotel and soaking in the delicious Israel sun. (Bring Sunscreen!)

Our last day is a lazy day.  We walk to the train station for a nice dinner on our own, and get ready in our rooms.   (Thank goodness we still have our rooms to shower and prepare for the long journey home.)

I’d love to take you to Israel

There is just NO WAY I can even come close to summarizing this trip in a blog.  Call me today, and I will tell you all about how you can have the most amazing time in Israel, even if you still want to have a local service at home. I can help you accomplish it all.

Contact Cantor Debbi to discuss your Destination Bar Mitzvah in Israel! Our next trip is still open!  We depart on June 11th, 2020! Fill out our form to get more information on our upcoming trip:  [contact-form-7 id=”5438″ title=”Please connect for more info on Israel”]

Not quite ready to travel to Israel?  No problem!  Cantor Debbi will perform your child’s Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah anywhere you choose!  Contact her today to plan your Bar Mitzvah in the city of your choice.

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