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Delia and Mitch’s Weeklong Jewish Wedding Celebration

No rests for the weary!  Brett and Andrea’s Jewish wedding was certainly a highlight last weekend, but the rush back across the alley to be back for Sunday morning’s event was well worth the drive!

Delia called me just a few weeks ago.  Her “real” wedding was planned for March 7th, this coming Sunday, but her in-laws, Mitch’s parents would be unable to make the trip to New York for the wedding ceremony.  As the daughter in law, it was very important for her to celebrate this moment with Mitch’s parents, and to give them the opportunity to celebrate this simcha with their friends as well.  Delia, the brilliant, compassionate woman that she is had a stellar idea!

She called me to ask if I as their Cantor and wedding officiant would simulate in its entirety, a Jewish wedding ceremony complete with all the bells and whistles, without having to “make it legal”, which of course, was just fine with me!  So, last Sunday, on a magnificently sunny but cool winter morning in Highland Beach, FL, I performed a beautiful Jewish wedding ceremony for Delia, Mitch, his parents. and 30 of their closest friends.

I was incredibly impressed with the way the Holiday Inn, Highland Beach set up the ceremony location, right on the water, on the patio, off the dining room.

What really touched me, was that now, Delia’s parents were not present, so Mitch’s Dad walked Delia down the aisle, as Mitch’s mom walked her son.  They chose four close friends to hold my self-made chuppah poles, and because of the time of day – bright and early on Sunday morning – we used an alternative “fruit of the vine” – oranges.  Well, kind of like a vine, I guess – but far more palatable, at that time of day!

I didn’t have much time to get to know Delia and Mitch, but something happens when I stand with a bride and groom at one of the most intimate moments of their lives.  The feelings transcend the experience and as Delia and Mitch emotionally shared their vows repeating after me, I felt like I had known them forever.  It was a beautiful moment, incredibly real, and equally as moving as I’m sure their wedding ceremony will be this coming weekend.

I’m so happy I was there for them, and Mitch’s parents called me immediately the day following the wedding to thank me beyond words.  It is families like this that make my job as a Cantor and wedding officiant so joyous and happy, and I am so honored to have had the privilege of beginning Mitch and Delia’s weeklong Jewish wedding celebration!

Best of luck to you both, and enjoy the wedding!


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