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Thanks is for Giving – Small Acts of Kindness

I was reminded of this by a friend and colleague of mine, who has written (and is soon to be arriving in bookstores) a book called 1000 Mitzvahs:  How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire, and Change your Life.  I’ve always admired Linda for realizing that sometimes it is the small things that matter … Read more

I’ll Have a Double Helping of Upbeat Spirituality – Hold the Dogma!

Reading back over some of my past blogs, I was reminded of one of my all time favorites.  Given that the topic is so prevalent again, today, and I have so many new readers, I wanted to bring it out of hiding, and into the forefront again.  Enjoy! Reprinted from August 17, 2008 by cantorballard On … Read more

Traveling with a Ketubah? Read this First!

I’m happy to re-print an article written by Daniel Sroka, the amazing artist from ModernKetubah.com. I work with so many Destination Brides, and I know that so many brides must encounter this challenge when they are getting ready to travel for their weddings. If you are in the ketubah market, I highly recommend Daniel’s work, … Read more

My Someday Syndrome interview with Alex Fayle

My friend, Alex Fayle, is a great motivator and a true inspiration.  He takes things we all struggle with, and breaks them down into really understandable language.  I wanted to give his interview a try, and see what I came up with, and he just published it today.  Now that it’s a few weeks  later, … Read more

1000 Mitzvahs

My friend, Linda, is wrapping up a very important project.  I know I have mentioned her here, and she is certainly on my blogroll, but in honor of her 1000th Mitzvah, I needed to send out a reminder. Linda, who lives in Portland, Oregon,  decided to perform 1000 mitzvahs in honor of her father’s memory.  … Read more