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Allie and Ben and Their Beautiful Wedding at The Addison – Meet my Interfaith Couple

Interfaith couple Allie and Ben at their Jewish Interfaith Wedding celebration at The Addison in Boca Raton

Meet Ben and Allie – a recent favorite Interfaith Couple Have you ever met someone and just fallen in love — I did, and it’s probably not the story you’re expecting to hear.  For me, it was Allie — and then Ben, and what led to an amazing relationship with this Interfaith Couple, as their … Read more

The Most Personal of Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies

Interfaith Coofficiant Wedding

Officiating an interfaith wedding ceremony requires a particular mindset, one that encompasses respect for multiple faiths, attention to important traditions and a true belief in the ability of a couple to move forward together despite what may have been vastly different upbringings.  For years I have officiated Jewish interfaith ceremonies.   I do so because I … Read more

Your Brother is not a Wedding Officiant…Why You Should Always Hire a Professional

Jewish Interfaith Wedding Officiant

I received an email from someone in Philadelphia this morning who was considering using her brother as a wedding officiant.

“My daughter is getting married on July 22 (her fiancee is not Jewish).  She and her fiancee have asked my brother to marry them.  My brother is going to get certified on line, but we want to be sure the marriage is legal.  Could you recommend a cantor in the Philadelphia area, that would be willing to come to our venue, before the wedding ceremony, to sign the marriage license (and maybe Ketubah) so the marriage would be legal?”

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The Lord’s Prayer and my favorite Catholic Priest – Jewish-Catholic Wedding

Meet the “Jewish-Catholic Wedding Officiant Dream Team!” Last night, I drove 13 hours round trip up and back in the same day, just to co-officiate the wedding of Alex and Blake, an adorable couple from Gainesville, FL, in St. Augustine.  Now normally, I would never accept a wedding two days before Rosh Hashanah, most especially … Read more

The Power Team of Jewish Catholic Wedding Officiants!

I’ve been so fortunate to have 2 opportunities to work with Father Tim, and since I just received a copy of this photo from our couple, Michelle and Brian, I’m posting it right away!  Again I am reminded why Father Tim and I are the Power Team of Jewish Catholic Wedding Officiants! I’m sure there … Read more

Danielle and Garrett’s Jewish Interfaith Wedding Ceremony – Why I do what I do

Danielle and Garrett’s Jewish Interfaith wedding ceremony is the perfect reason why I do what I do. Jewish Interfaith wedding ceremonies are absolutely what I do best, but being a positive resource to my couples is just as important. Many colleagues ask me why I invest so much time in my individual Interfaith couples. They … Read more

Jewish Christian Wedding in Fort Lauderdale, FL: Jewish-Interfaith Destination Weddings – A beautiful blend of both…

Planning their Jewish Christian Wedding Kathy emailed me a year ago, as she and her fiancee, Drew, and their Moms were coming to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and were looking for someone to co-officiate their Jewish Christian wedding in a church in Fort Lauderdale.  As of yet, they didn’t have a venue, but both Kathy and … Read more

Jewish Interfaith Wedding in Naples, Florida: Some Things Were Just Meant to Be …

Cantor Debbi Ballard with Brett and Andrea

It’s been a busy year.  Incredibly busy.  And, fortunately for me, almost every weekend during the year has been booked, sometimes with one, but often with even two or three  events in one weekend.  There hasn’t been much room for anything spontaneous (let alone blog writing), but, last Saturday was just – different. It was … Read more

Cheryl and Prav’s Jewish Hindu Islamorada Wedding Weekend

People always ask me.. “What is the most unique Interfaith wedding ceremony you have ever performed?”  I’m assuming they want to know about exotic locations I’ve been to, but unique weddings mean something very different to me. This month, I added a new type of unique – a Jewish Hindu wedding ceremony which turned out … Read more