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Austin’s AMAZING Bar Mitzvah – Ahoy Mates!

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I’m SOOOOO lucky to do what I do, and being able to give my newest student the opportunity to have Austin’s Bar Mitzvah just reaffirms my good fortune.

I don’t even know where to start this one. Have you ever developed such an incredible connection with someone, that you completely have no idea how you came into each other’s lives? But, the relationship is just so easy and wonderful, that it feels like you’ve been in it forever? Well, that’s Andie.

Somehow, Andie got my number over a year ago. Austin hadn’t been in Hebrew school for many years, though he had worked for a while with a local tutor. He was rapidly approaching 13, and Andie was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to have a Bar Mitzvah. Life had gotten in the way of life, and there were many obstacles to being able to plan the event they had always dreamed of for him, and it was looking as though it might not happen. I won’t go into the events of the year, but suffice to say, that neither Andie nor I were about to let Austin’s 13th birthday come and go without him becoming a Bar Mitzvah, and I’m happy to say – we made that dream a reality.

Last Friday night, aboard the Sun Dream Yacht Charter’s “Catalina”, on the EVE of his 13th birthday, Austin became a Bar Mitzvah.

This was no ordinary Bar Mitzvah, but it was certainly amazing, and I couldn’t have been happier with the way it all worked out. And the best part is, I know I have a friend for life, not only in Andie, but her whole family, and I couldn’t be happier.

Austin is a mensch. Take one look at him, and you instantly see his simple presence, kind hearted soul, and easy going personality. He’s adorable. Such a cutie, and one of my all time favorite kids. It’s only natural that his Mom has quickly become one of my closest friends.

Andie put this whole night together, and the events of the evening and the way it came together were incredibly beshert. (Even my good friend, Desiree Wilcox was the photographer and we had a blast working together!)  I have to say, the highlight of the evening (well, one of them) was the Singer/Babice family wardrobe – not your typical wardrobe, but a theme driven wardrobe that couldn’t be beat!


But, the real highlight of the evening, was the amount of love and energy in that room. From the beginning to the end, it was pure joy, and honestly, I felt like I was floating on a cloud while performing it. But – I have to mention, that the evening didn’t start out so smoothly. I had a funny feeling that I didn’t remind Austin to actually bring all of his materials and papers he had written, and when I got to the yacht to set up, I immediately started calling Andie to make sure Austin brought his Dear God prayer, that he had worked SO hard on. Well- I don’t even need to tell you that the answer to that question was “NO” – he had left it home, and I was FREAKING OUT by the time he got on the yacht. So – as Austin made his grand entrance, I quickly stuffed a pen in his hands and whisked him away to quickly re-write it – to the best of his ability.

Austin's AMAZING Bar Mitzvah - Ahoy Mates!


Andie and I decided that it was what it was, and we weren’t going to freak out, nor were we going to rattle Austin and that was a good choice. The Bar Mitzvah service was so much fun, and Austin was so amazing, that nobody even noticed, and we pulled the whole evening off without a hitch.

Austin’s brothers, Jordan and Miles are about the cutest things ever, next to Austin that is. They gave him his Tallit, and made a beautiful speech to him. I just love them all!! Andie totally could have the sequel to “My Three Sons”, because between her humor and theirs – it would be a top ranked sitcom for years!

And speaking of Andie’s humor – her own Dear God prayer was beyond funny, poignant, meaningful, and incredibly emotional, and I’m so proud of her too – for getting through it all without hysterical tears!

I’m proud of everyone, and even prouder to call this family my own. Andie – we’ll be besties forever. You are my soul sister, and I’m so lucky I found you – and Austin too!


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11 thoughts on “Austin’s AMAZING Bar Mitzvah – Ahoy Mates!”

    • Thanks, Owen! I’m going to make it my mission to show my future families your artwork in your Video Storytelling! I’m sooo glad we are friends!

  1. Oh Debbi, you are our guardian angel…you have touched our lives and made our dreams possible and all with your beautiful smile. Austin’s Bar Mitzvah was only a pipe dream and you with all your magical ways, made it happen…We love you so much and thank you for being who you are…..you have changed my life…..forever..Andie

    • Words cannot express how much I love you and your family – we were truly brought together by a higher power, and I’ so thankful for being a part of your family’s lives. Through ups and downs, you must remember that these are the things life is all about. See you later for lunch! xoxo

    • That’s so sweet, Roz! That’s why I blog about them – because they ARE real. And that’s why I feel so lucky because I really believe that we have these events, and we go to these events, and sometimes, we approach them with all the wrong reasons. This was one lifecycle that was about the meaning, the love of friends and family, and being able to put aside the stress of our lives to simply enjoy the meaning of life and loved ones. Truly beautiful. Thank you for your amazing support!


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