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Absolutely! You might think that the only way to have a meaningful experience is with a spiritual leader you have known for years. I pride myself on being extremely “soul connected”, and have a warm and welcoming approach to working with couples, students and families. Your ceremony will feel warm, inclusive and meaningful – even though we have known each other for a relatively short time.


No! I am happy to officiate weddings and other ceremonies at a time that works for you, including Friday evenings and Saturday before sundown.


Definitely! It’s important to me to get to know you and to learn what YOU desire to create for your event. If you want an interactive ceremony, or you want your child to incorporate music or performance – awesome! This is an opportunity to personalize your event in any way that brings meaning and connection to you and your family.


Unfortunately, my services are hosted privately by my other clients. But, feel free to jump over to my (link to) “Watch Me” page, and there are many opportunities there to see me in action.


Generally, most of my “meetings” are on zoom, as I travel so much, but those sessions are unlimited. I am fully accessible to you during the time we work together, but usually we plan an amazing ceremony in approximately 3 zoom calls.


It’s not necessary and I generally do not. Rehearsals are there to inform you and your party where and how you are walking from your lineup to the altar/chuppah, and are led by your wedding coordinator. We actually don’t “rehearse” the ceremony, so your clergy does not need to “rehearse”. Attending any rehearsal on a different day than the wedding would require an additional booking fee, and it really is not necessary.


Anywhere you have your celebration! When you are evaluating sites – whether it is a restaurant, ballroom, nightclub, etc., let your venue salesperson know you need a space for the ceremony first, and then your celebration. They’ll handle the details! But anywhere you can have a party, you can have a service. (including in the privacy of your home)

No! I do not subscribe, personally, to Orthodox restrictions, but I support any choices you make for your special day. The gold band that has no diamonds symbolizes eternity, without interruption, as of course we wish that for your marriage, however, a solid gold band without stones is not required on my part.

Fees vary depending on the day of the week, the month, and the location, and the scope of the event. (Think – elopement at the park on a Thursday, vs. a formal event on a Saturday night). Since weekends – and most specifically – Saturday nights are limited, my standard fee applies, but I can make some concessions for alternate day events, or private elopements. I do not quote fees by email or text until we have had a personal conversation. A lot goes in to officiating your event with passion and skill, and my fees reflect that. Call me or click here (link to: www.calendly.com/debbi-1/45min) to book a time to connect personally.

No, but if you desire, I love walking my couples through questions and scenarios they may not be thinking of having prior to getting married. I do believe that the more we work through and roll play those scenarios in advance, the better equipped we are to handle the outcomes as they occur, but no requirement for counseling is applied.

That’s something we certainly hope NEVER happens. It never has, and I never plan on it – however, I do have an extensive network of colleagues and we all have agreed to step in if necessary, for each other. Fortunately, my dad is a Rabbi and my daughter is an Officiant, so if anything ever happened that prevented me from performing, I have very close family and colleagues who I would be able to secure. But, in my 20 years of performing events, I have never once had that concern, nor do I intend to – but heaven forbid, things happen, and I prepare myself for the worst.


OF COURSE! The wedding template is a shared document you can see from day 1, and your B-Mitzvah service is laid out in the beautiful prayerbook I create, so you will absolutely know exactly how your service will look and feel before we get there.


No problem! Check out my (link to: www.edjewcationstation.com) Edjewcation Station program for 2nd-6th graders, an experiential Jewish education program that is a lead in to the B-Mitzvah preparation.


MOST DEFINITELY! I love creating harmonious and deeply engaging ceremonies and want yours to be a reflection of who you are. I am not only a Cantor/Rabbi, but I am ordained as an Interfaith Minister, so I truly take a stand for the Interfaith family. We will discuss at great length any inclusions you wish to make, and I will facilitate them with pride.

Again, it is my sincere wish to be available for you to have a conversation about working together. Please call, text, (954-850-0453), email ([email protected]) or set up an appointment (link to: www.calendly.com/debbi-1/45min) and I will answer every question you have! I look forward to working with you!


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