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A new home for a blog in progress

I have been blogging on my website, www.mypersonalcantor.com for about a year now, and recently, I made a decision to move my blog from Yahoo to WordPress. I felt that I had many good things to say, and wanted as many people to read my blog as possible, not just the people I was already working with, but to find a way to get what I do out to others, who may not know the choices they have in their worship needs.

So, what you will find here is a collection of thoughts and experiences, mostly brought about by what I do, and that is being a Jewish and Interfaith lifecycle officiant. Unfortunately, Yahoo didn’t have many options for moving my blog over to WordPress, so I have had to simply copy and paste the collection of already published entries into my new blog, under just one date. The experiences and thoughts I have posted prior to today are in no special order, but they are obviously a collection of experiences over time. The important thing is that perhaps there is something of interest here to you, and perhaps what I do might be of interest to you, as well.

I hope people enjoy my writings, and find something positive, loving, and inspirational in them, as that is what I strive to be. Please feel free to comment, argue, make valid points, or simply say hello, and that you came across my blog. It’s so good to know someone has stopped by!

Enjoy, and B’Shalom,


5 thoughts on “A new home for a blog in progress”

  1. Hey Debbi,

    Did you say you were going to post them all in one date? Why not spread them out and post them over time? I know that I would love to read them, but probably won’t take the time to if you post them all in one go.

    I do want to stick around and see what you have to say…


  2. Thanks, Colby!
    Well, that’s a great suggestion, but I guess I am so impatient, and since I had already posted them on my original site, and they came through on Technorati, I just wanted them all to be on WordPress.

    I have a few faves, especially ones like “Letting go, allowing, and looking forward; The Art of Appreciation, and How to Avoid 15 years of regret. But, then again, the ones about the specific events I have done have been amazing, too.

    Anyway – Thank you for the suggestion, but please please keep coming back, and dropping me a line. It’s good to know someone is out there reading! I have found I just love writing, and since I’ve gotten tied down because of the website hosting transfer, I’m itching to get some new stuff out there.
    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Debbi,
    I came across your blog for the first time. I really enjoyed reading your post. You seem very natural.

    You are definitely giving your reader sometime worthwhile their time.Keep up the good work.



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