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A Magnificent Chuppa gallery, from Flickr

Woke up this morning and was checking out the Jewish Wedding Network’s recent activity, as I’m really hoping their site does well!

I came across a Chuppah photo gallery, and wow – some of these are amazing.


In my opinion, Seth & Dana’s chuppah still takes the first place award of weddings I have officiated, but some of these are just simply incredible.  My sincere kudos for the artists who imagined, and created them!

zuskinchuppatallisI often have so many brides who run into chuppa challenges, whether they be financial or creative, and this gallery shows that something as simple as a scarf above your heads, or as elaborate as a chuppa made of lights, can be a beautiful and “kosher” addition to your wedding.  It doesn’t have to be about the flowers.

If you’re looking for simple or elegant chuppah ideas, you’ll find them here!



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